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From the development of customised power electronics to series production

OEM components, light sources and power supplies for microscopy, the semiconductor industry, analytics, image processing and medical technology

Development of power electronics for optomechanical systems

LEJ develops and manufactures customised power electronics for optomechanical systems such as . e.g. a wide variety of light sources in the spectral range from UV-C to NIR, driver electronics for high-performance LEDs and power supplies for gas discharge lamps. All products can be customised for specific customers and applications.

This is supported by a modular structure and agile procedures in the development process. Cost-efficient development and rapid market launch in your interests is our central concern.

Specialised lighting solutions

As LEJ, we support OEM customers with expertise in the design of specialised lighting solutions and offer durable, high-performance and long-term available solutions that deliver consistent and measurable results.

Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Leistungselektronik
What speaks in our favour?
Our strengths

Development of customised power electronics

Benefit from the conceptual approach of our development department. We develop complex mechatronic and optomechanical assemblies and systems according to your specific requirements, from the initial idea, through prototypes and pilot series, to series assembly and life cycle support.

We manufacture and test your prototypes directly at our site. This fast, agile way of working has proven itself many times over with our customers.

Solution-orientated assembly

Once series production readiness has been achieved in an iterative procedure, we are at your side as a reliable supplier for small and medium series. Here too, we work quickly in the interests of the customer, as we assemble and test on site.

We supply the products either in the LEJ design or according to your specific requirements as a private label product.

Our expertise for developing your products

Our engineering team consists of specialists in the fields of electrical engineering, mechatronics, design and programming.

For the development of customised power electronics, all departments come together at the start of the project and work hand in hand to develop the concept for your product or system. In this way, we ensure that the full expertise of all specialist areas is incorporated into your OEM product and that our proven quality is guaranteed.

Electronics and system concepts
Electronics and system concepts include the planning and development of electronic systems that can be used in a variety of devices. The aim is to create integrated solutions that are powerful, energy-efficient and customised to the customer's specific requirements.
PCB layout refers to the design and arrangement of electronic components on a printed circuit board. In this layout, the positions of components such as chips, resistors and connecting cables are defined to ensure optimum functionality and electrical connection. Careful design of the PCB layout is crucial to ensure that the end product functions reliably and meets the technical requirements.
Mechanical design is concerned with the development and construction of innovative solutions for mechanical systems and devices. The overriding aim is to create products that are efficient, safe and user-friendly.
Prototyping is the process of creating a model of a product in order to test and optimise its design and functionality before series production. This step enables developers and designers to realise ideas and identify potential problems. By producing prototypes, our customers can ensure that their products are technically mature and meet expectations.
Thermal concepts are concerned with managing and controlling the temperature in devices and systems to prevent overheating and optimise performance. These concepts include the design of cooling mechanisms such as fans, heat sinks and heat conducting materials that help to efficiently dissipate the heat generated. A good thermal concept is crucial to ensure that electronic devices run stably and maximise their service life.
System integration and assembly
System integration and assembly refer to the process of assembling various components and technologies into a fully functioning system. This step is crucial to ensure that all parts work together correctly and that the overall performance of the product meets the requirements. Professional integration and assembly increases the reliability and efficiency of products in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering and software.

Our promise of quality

Customised power electronics with a complaint rate well below 1%.

What is behind the quality of our products?

For us, quality means that our products and service deliver what we promised. That is why we attach great importance to our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and NRTL monitoring by TÜV Süd Product Service GmbH.

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