EBU Series

Universal electronic ballasts for a wide range of short arc gas discharge lamps up to 1350 W.

EBU Serie Produktbild

Universal electronic ballasts for a wide range of short arc gas discharge lamps up to 1350 W.

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EBU Serie Produktbild
EBU Serie Produktbild

This series of universal, digitized and μC-controlled ballasts can be used for all mixed gas, mercury and xenon short arc lamps 100 W*. >
Thanks to the user-friendly operation, the lamp to be operated is simply selected in the device menu and the ballast automatically sets all the operating parameters and then starts the lamp.
(*For ballasts <= 100 W see our EB-04 series).

Product Highlights

  • Simple lamp configuration
  • Minimum lamp current ripple
  • Lamp output is current and power limited
  • Stepless brightness control
  • Self-monitoring
  • Integrated operating hours counter
  • Additional auxiliary voltage at the output
  • High efficiency

Application areas

  • Wafer inspection
  • Spectroscopy
  • Photolithography
  • UV disinfection
  • Solar simulation

Technische Daten

Technische DatenEBU 220EBU 360EBU 900EBU 1350
Netzspannung100 … 240 VAC  180 … 240 VAC
Netzfrequenz50 … 60 Hz
Leistungsaufnahmemax. 340 VAmax. 600 VAmax. 1.200 VAmax. 1.800 VA
max. Leistung220 W360 W900 W1.350 W
Leerlaufspannung96 VDCmax. 190 VDC
max. Lampenspannung90 VDC100 VDC
max. Lampenstrom10 ADC20 ADC30 ADC60 ADC
Lampenauswahl (Auszug) erweiterbar auf Kundenwunsch
QuecksilberHBO 100W/2, HBO 200W/DCHBO 200W/DC HBO 250W/D, /HS, /BY HBO 350W/SHBO 350W HBO 500W, W/2 HBO 500W/A, W/BHBO 1000W/D, W/CEL HBO 1002W/CEL,W/NIL HBO 1003W/PIL
MischgasL2422, L2482, L7047, L2423, L2570L8706 (L2483, L2917) UXM-200 alle TypenL8288, L2483, L2917 L2423, L2570 UXM-501MD/MA, UXM-502MD/MAUXM-1001MD
XenonXBO 75W/2 OFR, XBO 100W OFR, XBO 150W/CR, XM150W-7HS, UXL-150-, 151-, 152-, alle TypenXBO 250W/OFR, /4 XBO R 300 W/60 XM150-13HS, -15HS XM300 alle Typen UXL-300D-O UXL-302-OXBO 450W alle Typen XBO 500W alle Typen XBO 550W/HTC OFR UXL-450SO UXL-451,-O UXL-500D-OXBO 700W alle Typen XBO 900W OFR XBO 1000W alle Typen XM505HS, -3HS XM750 alle Typen XM900H/V, /VC
Abmessung (BxHxT)250 x 95 x 230 mm285 x 125 x 340 mm285 x 125 x 340 mm375 x 125 x 370 mm
Gewicht3,5 kg6,5 kg7,5 kg11,2 kg
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